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Brand Story


Interpretation to Gukangli: to make our best efforts to take care of the health of users and consumers.

President of Gukangli Mr. Huang Chutian was born in an ordinary peasant family at Jieshi Town, Lufeng, Chaozhou in the 1970s, ranking No. six in the seven siblings. At the age of 16, seeing a lot of people went to Shenzhen to seek fortunes, as a thoughtful boy who was willing to alleviate his parents’ heavy burden, he entered the society before finishing his school life. Before leaving home, his mother who is deeply influenced by the Buddhist teachings that “everyone is equal, saving all living beings, and karma” said to Huang, “in the outside world, it is ok if you are not able to help other people, but it is absolutely not right to harm people. Try to help others whenever you can”. Huang bore his mother's teachings in his mind. At the beginning, with no diploma, no skills, no social experience, his was living an unstable life. He worked as construction worker, shop assistant, printer, and salesman. In May 1989, by a chance, Huang Chutian entered the adhesive industry. It is this occasional access into this industry that brought a turning point in his life. In the summer of 1993, he borrowed RMB 50,000 from every source he could, and with his courage of “a newborn calf that has no fear of a tiger”, and his keen market sensitivity tampered over the years, he turned Qianghui glue factory (Note: predecessor of Gukangli) into  domestic spray glue manufacturer.

In early 1994, a foreign-owned furniture company in Shenzhen received a big order from a U.S. customer who clearly required that triphenyl spray glue should not be used in the production of sofa. They explained that if spray glue containing benzenes is used, harmful substances would remain inside the sofa, which could affect American consumers’ health. This incident deeply touched Huang Chutian who has been concerned about the health of the front-line employees and consumers. Even if the harmful substances residing in sofas are less than 0.1%, it is still a big deal for foreign customers, but our workers are exposed to a large amount of hazardous substances at a rate of more than 99% every day, their health is under serious threat! At that time, the adhesive industry lacked self-discipline, and there were no national standards for the products; the society and the government were weak in supervision. Migrant workers and consumers were ignorant about the hazards of harmful substances. As a responsible adhesive production unit, we cannot make profits at the coast of the mental and physical health of our brothers and sisters in the frontline of production! No occupation is superior to another; people are equal in terms of health, regardless of the rich or the poor! Health knows no boundaries. Who says that the moon in foreign countries is rounder than in China!

Why the health of a vast number of our Chinese migrant workers and consumers cannot receive enough attention? Recalling his mother's teachings to take care of the health of migrant workers and do your best. These words have been lingering in the mind of Mr. Huang Chutian. How to refine these ideas into a brand name? Gukangli, this name that expresses the personal philosophy of Mr. Huang Chutian was given at this moment. “Gu” means to “take care of” in Chinese, “Kang” means health, and “Li” means to do one’s best. Thus, the name of Gu-Kang-Li came into being.