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BOLONI did not use the promise of MS environmental protection, environmental protection abnormal class provoke lawsuits!

Writer:市场部Source:法治周末 Date:2016-5-30 11:27
If Ms. Zhang has a very clear evidence that BOLONI exists in the propaganda 'better than the national standard 3 times' and so on, but did not actually do, BOLONI constitute a false propaganda. If the contract has agreed to use MS environmental protection, the actual useless or environmental protection results are not met, but also involves the issue of breach of contract"
"My case will be tried in Fengtai District court in May 10th." The evening of April 29th, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Beijing City, Fengtai District Majiabao East Zhengyang Yangqiao home said to rule the Weekend reporter so.
Ms. Zhang said the case refers to her and BOLONI household goods (Beijing) Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as BOLONI) between the decoration contract dispute case.
According to Ms. Zhang introduced last August, home decoration new premises, taking into account the child health and safety, BOLONI has chosen to a "abnormal level decoration" BOLONI products recommend commitment decoration materials the use of the product is better than the international standard. The two sides in August 8, 2015 signed the "Beijing family room decoration project construction contract" (hereinafter referred to as the contract), the contract agreed to the construction period is from August 8, 2015 to December 9th.
However, in the process of renovation, Ms. Zhang family found that BOLONI is not used its commitment to MS environmental protection glue, indoor air pollution is serious, does not have the conditions of delivery, then Ms. Zhang and BOLONI negotiation, BOLONI sued the Beijing City People's Court of Fengtai District.
Since you can not do environmental protection, do not do environmental protection propaganda." Ms. Zhang said.
In this regard, BOLONI Beijing Branch Marketing Director Li Qian said in an interview with the rule of law Weekend reporter, has received a court summons, ready to respond.
Communication without complaint
According to Zhang introduced, after signing the contract with BOLONI, BOLONI issued a three commitment to Ms. zhang.
See from Ms. Zhang lawyer to pledge law Weekend reporter sent in, BOLONI is committed to building materials used in the process of renovation sealant using MS glue VOC release, which is better than the national standard 6 times, if not met, the construction of a full free single; BOLONI purchased from formaldehyde cabinets and other products the release amount is 3 times better than the national standard, received professional testing, if not standard, the products purchased a full free single; indoor environment pollutant concentration in the implementation of national standards, if not met, the construction shall be free.
Ms. Zhang said, was found in the house smell pungent, thought it belongs to the normal phenomenon of decoration, but later found that the use of BOLONI building materials is not its commitment to MS glue.
"Empty plastic bottle decoration workers are being used and run out of the plastic bottle is not taken away, I feel the taste right, look at, found that there is not committed to the MS environmental protection glue, but ordinary glue on the market." Ms. Zhang said.
In this regard, Li Qian Weekend reporter explained to the rule of law: the workers may be taking the wrong product or send the material sent to the wrong, but we found that after the timely replacement of MS environmental glue."
"If we don't leave these bottles, we may never know what BOLONI is using." Ms. Zhang said.
After the discovery of the problem, Ms. Zhang contact BOLONI decoration supervisor Mr. Su, asked to detect the air quality in the home. Su said, BOLONI is not responsible for testing, but Ms. Zhang can ask the third party testing agencies to detect ', on the selection criteria for testing institutions, as long as the CMA certification can be." Ms. Zhang said.
In January 2016, Ms. Zhang commissioned central Huaxin environmental monitoring (Beijing) co.. Sun lawyer to test report to rule the Weekend reporter shows that the test items for the TVOC, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, detection based on GB/T18883-2002 "indoor air quality standards, the index of the column marked children room in addition to benzene, are not up to standard, master TVOC, toluene and xylene does not meet the standards.
Central Watson staff also told reporters that the rule of law on the weekend of the report is indeed the company issued. Ms. Zhang immediately contact the director in charge of the decoration, told the test results, so that the arrangement of indoor air quality control. Subsequently, Mr. Su said BOLONI will arrange for professionals to do the test. And on the eve of the Spring Festival, with people to Ms. Zhang home to do the test. After testing, BOLONI said the need for governance.
Hope to be able to stay as soon as possible, let BOLONI side as soon as possible governance. But the other party has said that the words will certainly have to wait until after the year. At that time, there are more than half a month away from the Spring Festival, we are so negligent attitude towards consumers BOLONI very angry." Ms. Zhang said.
After the Spring Festival, Ms. Zhang will BOLONI court.

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