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  • 产品名称: Yuying Zhang

Zhang Yuying, male, born in 1964, is currently Zhuhai flying new material, director of Limited by Share Ltd Chemical Research Institute and vice president of research institute. In 1992, graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry of Dalian University of Technology, graduated from the Department of metal corrosion protection. For many years engaged in anti-corrosion engineering work, followed by more than 10 years of paint industry development and management experience, proficient in automotive paint, plastic paint, coating technology, fine chemical synthesis of years of experience, specializes in technology research and development and management.

Job vitae and key performance:

In March 2009, he served as director of flying Chemical Research Institute, and led the team into the field of polyurea material research:

1) hydroxyl amino polyether D2800 resin with the successful development of polyurea elastomer, instead of American Huntsman company D2000 polyurea amine terminated polyether as raw materials, production of spray polyurea elastomer (SPUA) is the important raw materials, in 2010 the supply of large quantities of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway polyurea waterproof market, the company has become an important supplier of high flying iron polyurea waterproof material. The product became the national Torch Program in 2010 key support projects. Item number: 2010GH031590. The technology has been patented and I am the first inventor of the patent. Patent name: a kind of aliphatic hydroxy amino polyether and its development method. Patent No. ZL200910252150.0

2) lead the team in the study of polyaspartic acid polyurea raw material, and occupy the 70% domestic market. For the first time in the world, a new structure of poly (aspartic acid) resin and polymerized macromolecular aspartic acid resin has been developed, and the mechanical properties of the product have been greatly improved. More than 8 varieties of asparagus polyurea resin have been developed from Bayer to more than 3, which has greatly broadened the application channels. The flying asparagus polyurea resin has been successfully applied to advanced waterproof coatings, heavy duty coatings, exterior wall coatings, floor coatings, wind power blades, coatings and other fields. The technical content has reached the international advanced level.

This technology has already declared 2 patents, and I am the first inventor of the patent.

Presided over the development of "new structure of poly aspartic acid ester and its functional coating" has become the Ministry of science and technology in 2012 the national key new products.

3) applied research and development team of downstream coating product polyaspartic ester, do a lot of original work, the successful development of polyaspartic polyurea waterproof coating, high anticorrosion paint, wall paint, floor paint, wind blade coating. At the same time, it has brought out excellent scientific research team, which has made the flying chemical industry always in the leading position in the field of asparagus polyurea research.